Savage Sister

20. April 2014

20. April 2014

RSD 2014 - dreamin’ it at Laurie’s!!!
RSD, bro. Gooood finds.
An angel at my table.
Big mooooonglow bathing
14. April 2014

Toying with the idea of putting out a digital 7” early to mid-summer. It would be two songs, “Huge Moves” and “Little Claws” - both little dream pop jams that I can’t seem to fit anywhere else. Keep those ears peeled. Might act as a nice bridge into our full LP release later this year! Here is a snippet of a rough early version of “Huge Moves” live.

Oooh yes.
Restocking the cassette at Laurie’s!!
8. April 2014

Sleepy Lesbos did an awesome remix of our collabo song “Diving” with Lykanthea! Check it out!