Savage Sister

Match made in HVN. Loverz forevs at Laurie’s.
20. April 2014

20. April 2014

RSD 2014 - dreamin’ it at Laurie’s!!!
RSD, bro. Gooood finds.
An angel at my table.
Big mooooonglow bathing
14. April 2014

Toying with the idea of putting out a digital 7” early to mid-summer. It would be two songs, “Huge Moves” and “Little Claws” - both little dream pop jams that I can’t seem to fit anywhere else. Keep those ears peeled. Might act as a nice bridge into our full LP release later this year! Here is a snippet of a rough early version of “Huge Moves” live.

Oooh yes.
Restocking the cassette at Laurie’s!!